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All our doctors are passionate and experienced but moreover we believe that quality healthcare begins with qualified doctors who care.

Emergency Call 137

Our Emergency Departments are known for high-quality medical and trauma service supported by dedicated doctors and nurses at three great locations.

24 Hours Service

Our 24 hours, seven days a week medical service may begin even before you arrive at our clinic either through direct communications with medical staff and/or ambulance service.

Centre Medical Du Nord

Centre Medical du Nord is a medical outpost for Clinique du Nord thus, a walk-in clinic for medical assistance and first aid in Grand Bay. In case of emergency, illness during the night, people do not have the luxury of time, energy, or to spend hours on transport and waiting at a hospital’s ER.

When you are faced with injury or illness, our clinic has trained and experienced medical and health care staff that are attentive and professional thus, your first choice medicine first response clinic.


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First Aid and emergency care at Centre Medical du Nord is fast and convenient for people living in Grand Bay. For minor emergencies and illnesses, we offer the same quality of Care that you will get at any hospital ER’s — but quicker and at much lower costs.
For trauma cases we are supported by our main medical clinic Clinique du Nord, with a full trauma and ICU centre 20 minutes away with our ambulance.

As all services- X-rays, digital CT-Scan, MRI, intensive care unit, echo cardiac, echo Doppler, etc... are all-available under one roof- the patient is thus directed to Clinique du Nord.
Our general practitioners at Centre Medical du Nord strive to build lasting and meaningful relationships with our patients, ensuring that they feel physically and mentally cared for during every moment of their treatment. And our clinic is equipped with a range of consultation and diagnostic facilities, meaning we have the tools available to safely and quickly treat a wide range of illnesses.
As a private medical clinic group that is synonymous with quality and excellence, and the best healthcare facilitated. Naturally we also unitise Telemedicine.

Our patients benefit greatly from our telemedicine at our clinics. In addition to offering remote care to our patients; by enabling consultation with a doctor at one of our sister clinics, we can do video conferencing with specialists and our trauma team at Clinique du Nord. That can result in streamlining care, significant savings in time and saving life.
Centre Médical du Nord and it's 2 sister clinics; Clinique de L'Occident at Flic en Flac and Clinique du Nord at Tombeau Bay provide an unfailing assistance in all 4 corners of Mauritius to patients with multiple injuries-fractures, with cardiac or respiratory diseases, near drowning, burns, and more.

Our fully equipped ambulances with our long experienced and trained rescuers will provide a prompt and immediate treatment to stabilise the patient as all emergency resuscitative measures and drugs are available on board.
We offer highly specialized screening, diagnostic evaluation and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal system. The examination is carried out in close interaction with specialists for gastro-intestinal surgery and medical gastroenterology. The following areas and organs are subsequently checked:
The structure of the clinics is multidisciplinary and almost all medical disciplines are covered within the various departments including the respective doctors specialised within their field.

Our in-house laboratory is well equipped to test a large number of different sample types for a wide range of problems and if we need to send out to an external laboratory.

Depending on medical needs, we can provide prescription medicines from inhouse pharmacies or refer you to pharmacies that we can recommend.

Make an Appointment

Through this website you can make an appointment request at our clinic. Kindly select the type of doctor you wish to schedule an appointment with from the dropdown list. Also include the name of the physician if you are referred.

Same-Day Appointments
If you require an urgent appointment, please call and explain your situation. Our nurses and doctors on duty arrange a same-day appointment in case you have a health issue that cannot go untreated. This service is intended for urgent care issues but different from emergencies (life threatening).
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Comprehensive Medical Care For Adults And Children.

Since 1988 our medical organisation has provided state-of-the-art healthcare and medical services to the community, expats and tourists in Mauritius. We provide the caring expertise of the top physicians, nurses and medical staff.

We operate several clinics in Mauritius from where we strive to provide our community and beyond with a broad array of choices in health care services. Clinique de L’Occident located in the tourist village of Flic-en-Flac naturally specialises in servicing foreigners visiting Mauritius, in addition to a ray of Medical and Health care services to the local and expats.Departments and Speciality Centres.

List of our medical departments
General Health Care
Emergency And ICU
Work Permit and Travel Examination
Skin and Cosmetic Centre
X ray and Imaging Centre
Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine
Orthopaedic Surgeon

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How do I stop the bleeding?
Minor cuts and scrapes usually stop bleeding on their own. If needed, apply gentle pressure with a clean bandage or cloth and elevate the wound until bleeding stops.

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