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Verizon has. The phone should be launching soon, with a Q1 timeframe pitched previously. This new Chromecast Ultra will reportedly feature pretty much the same design with some minor changes.

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Google will apparently offer a full remote with this device, making it the first. Google has brought its Wear OS app to the Galaxy Store app hub which is found exclusively on Samsung smartphones and tablets. Speculations are now rife about Samsung launching a Wear OS smartwatch in the near future. A leak has revealed the live image of the Nokia 5. It is said that the phone will be available in Cyan Green while also packing quad-cameras on the back.

The phone will launch on the 19th of March as per previous reports. The leak also mentions some key hardware specs like the presence of a 5, mAh battery, 5G connectivity, as well as the octa-core Snapdragon chipset. Coronavirus has affected over 80, people so far and killed nearly 3, people, mostly concentrated in China and South Korea.

Microsoft has mentioned in a blog post today that it will stop offering the Cortana voice assistant with the Microsoft Launcher on Android starting in April.

Track text messages

This comes after Cortana was sidelined from Android last year. Microsoft has reaffirmed that it will continue to support and develop Cortana with the Windows 10 platform.

10 Secret Samsung Galaxy A20 Features You Must Know!

Microsoft has. Samsung is reportedly fulfilling pre-orders of the Galaxy S20 already by shipping them to the customers. The Galaxy S20 is expected to hit shelves by the 6th of March, so those who opted for in-store pickup with their order may have to wait until Friday. Code within the latest Google Stadia app update has revealed features like YouTube Live streaming while also simplifying new user sign-ups. Are your children not disconnecting from Wi-Fi? Use Wi-Fi Kill to hack an android device.

The app gives you access to the phone to disable data connection. Hence, your kids cannot access the internet anymore. The app works by scanning the network for other connected devices, before hacking and blocking the connection.

However, you have to make sure the Samsung devices are rooted, otherwise, the app will not work. This hacking app is best used for hacking Wi-Fi password from a Samsung smartphone.

Remotely Hack a Samsung Phone

Once you install the app, you can connect several routers with enabled WPS protocol. The app is a great asset for remotely hacking a Samsung phone but it can also be used for other functions. Other functions include verifying how vulnerable your WPS network is. This can be accomplished by bypassing passwords and connecting other devices to the Wi-Fi network. Need an app to monitor social media activity? The app works searching and intercepting WiFi network traffic.

The app is designed from the ground up to make hacking as simple and streamlined as possible. Therefore, users will have an easy time completing their objectives. Hacking is a skill reserved for the technically competent. However, mSpy Samsung Spy renders this requirement null because the app makes hacking so easy.

Advanced Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software

Besides ease of use, mSpy Samsung Spy offers a lot of information to users. With mSpy Samsung Spy you will have access to the following:. Interested in using mSpy Samsung Spy to remotely hack a Samsung phone? Step 1 — You need to create an account using an authentic email address. Step 2 — You need to go through a setup process, which involves installing the app on your target phone. But first, you must fill out the details on the Setup Wizard below. Step 5 — Download and install the monitoring the app onto your target phone.

Step 6 — After downloading and installing the app, you now have to follow the process: Open the app, sign into your account, give permission and finally start monitoring. Step 7 — You will not have access to the dashboard which lets you survey the target phone. As you can see, Samsung hacks are easy to pull off with mSpy Samsung Spy.

Get instant updates of messages along with date, time and sender information. Here is a list of some other features that are certainly going to win your heart -. As we mentioned before, the compatibility of the mSpy Samsung Hacking App app app is vast.

Eight reasons you want NFC on your phone

The app supports almost all the Android phones and the latest iPhone models too. It is also compatible with the iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 and iPhone X and their counterparts. If you are interested in using mSpy Samsung Spy, visit the official website for more information. Toggle navigation. Try It Now Demo. Try It Now. View Demo.