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It's too early to truly call the Note 8 a Note 7 redeemer until it's survived weeks on the market without the phone overheating and catching fire.

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After all, CNET's multiple Note 7 review units remained incident-free even while an unusually high number of handsets around the world charred within just a few weeks of that phone's release. The middle of Samsung's new Galaxy S20 devices is powerful and large, without being ridiculous. New cameras, longer battery life, Night Mode, a goofy selfie feature and a price drop Premium, pocketable and packed with all the features you need to level up your photography Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Features Performance 9. Camera 8.

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Battery Review Sections Review Prices Specs. Read the original Galaxy Note 8 review below. See the Galaxy Note 8 from every angle 56 Photos.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 boasts a 6.3-inch display, and a smaller, safer battery.
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Avoid the quarantine15 with this guide. Roadshow's guide to vehicle subscription services, a buying or leasing alternative. We live in the future where you're no longer restricted to traditional car buying and The best meat delivery and subscription services in The Note 8 also has an exceptional camera. The Note 8 calls this feature Live Focus, which worked quickly and proficiently in my tests. The company also for the first time brought in a reputable product safety consultant, UL, to perform additional tests.

And the Galaxy S8, the smaller version of the Note 8, has been on the market for a few months now, and so far there have been no similar reports of explosions. Long story short: You can buy the Galaxy Note 8 with a fair amount of confidence.

A big, bold screen

Unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8 is unlikely to burn down your house, be banned from use on airplanes or explode in your ear. That brings us to what stinks about the Note 8.

How To Activate BEAST MODE On Galaxy Note 8?

Some of the biometrics, including the ability to unlock your phone by scanning your face or irises, are so poorly executed that they feel like marketing gimmicks as opposed to actual security features. The iris scanner shines infrared light in your eyes to identify you and unlock the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note8

That sounds futuristic, but when you set up the feature, it is laden with disclaimers from Samsung. The caveats include: Iris scanning might not work well if you are wearing glasses or contact lenses; it might not work in direct sunlight; it might not work if there is dirt on the sensor. In addition, face recognition is less secure than using a passcode. So why would you even use it?

Galaxy Note 8 review: Powerful, pricey and soon-to-be-replaced - CNET

It sits at a massive 6. The Infinity Display stretches the screen to the edges of the phone, meaning you get more screen real estate in a similar frame as a traditional 5. The headphone jack sits on the bottom of the phone, next to a USB Type-C charging port and speaker grill. The phone comes with 64GB of internal storage, though there are larger options available internationally. The Note 8 is equipped with a pretty huge range of sensors too, including the standard accelerometer, barometer, gyro, and fingerprint sensor.

In case you ever need tech support, Samsung has selected HelloTech to be the provider of in-home tech support and training for using the phone. How can you get your hands on the phone?