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I made the mistake of mounting magnet directly to the back of Note 5. Sometimes charging worked but there was a lot of charging paused. It did not work with covers on.

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Also the robust Spigen Tough Armor Series cover does not allow wireless charging. I remounted a magnet to this cover and keep it for auto use only. Found that my Note Seems to work now. Reply Jennifer says: December 24, at am A shorter cable melted my note 5 charging port…hence the reason I have to wireless charge.

The cable length generally just affects the resistance to power conducting through it although other factors such as the gauge, material and quality affect it to0.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Tips and Tricks in Hindi - Top 25+ Best Features of Galaxy M10

Reply Jim says: February 24, at am Shut off the phone hold power home and volume up this will boot into recovery mode use the volume keys to select clear cache partition, this will remove the error that is causing your problem and your data will be untouched just only clear the cache partiton and then select reboot the device, it will work now if it comes back repeat the steps again!

Reply Joanna Rodriguez says: July 13, at pm It worked!!! I also took it out of the power strip due to the comment below to be safe! Reply Chris says: May 1, at am Just for me,what worked is when I stopped using an extension cord or power strip. Instantly cured. Reply Rich says: August 25, at am Sweet! Thanks for the tip. Worked great until last night on wifes phone. Only charged hers to 50 percent.

Keep pausing wireless charging. Mine still works but hers does not. I do not have mine on daydream and neither does she.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Any suggestions?? Reply Ryan says: June 9, at am Thanks bro, replacing shorter cable works for me. Very helpfull!

Kevin says: March 26, at am HiI had the same problem i have replaced my charge cable to a low resistance cable and now works greatReply suzy says: June 10, at am i find just tering the phone off works so i use it wile sleeping or wathing tv at nights and if i have to charge in day hrs i fast charge David says: July 22, at am Tried all but nothing worked until I replaced my charging cable to a thicker one now works fingers crossed! I just tried hoping will work! Reply Alicia says: March 18, at am Got Samsung wireless charger as a gift. I have a Samsung note 4.

Any help would be appreciated. Have a read through the full post and comments. Many people have found upgrading to a better cable solved the problem, while others had to switch the charger powering their wireless charging pad. Reply Christina Horrell says: June 27, at pm I happened to have a shorter cable that goes to my tens unit but is the same style, I switched it out and my phone charged perfectly. Make sure the daydream option is turned on. I have a Note 5 with an Otterbox Defender case.

Looking forward for your kind feedback! I too also switched to a shorter cord, because I saw it listed to try and that helped way better but as soon as my screen went dark it paused and I got all the day dreaming stuff going and woke up to a charged phone! I did all the configurations between the two type of chargers and right now the only thing that works on mine Note 5 is the slow charger that is connected to the stand. Now for the trailer flat charger you can use the fast charger adapter that plugs into the wall and that works.

Me and the lady from at the Verizon store was trying to figure this out for a couple hours. Reply Jerry P says: August 28, at pm Thank you for the info. I had my Note 5 for a week and had the issue from day one. Now with your info i am charging with no issue.

Transfer Photos from iPhone 4S/5/5S to Samsung S7/S7 Edge

Loved the idea of wireless charging but was ready to take it back. Reply Johnny says: September 4, at pm Thank you so much. When I bought the phone. Someone was just returning their wireless charger for this same issue. I changed the settings as suggested and it is working. It should not work like this. I do not want my phone shining bright in the the middle of the night. I hope Samsung can fix this issue soon. Thanks again. Reply Robert says: September 13, at am I have a new note 5 days old. I was excited to read this, but unfortunately it is still not working after trying your fix.

I am on my second charger. It is a Verizon VZW3coil-wc. I have tried with the case off. I updated all the apps, which strangely worked for awhile, I have tried NFC on and off. I have tried different screen timeout periods, smart stay on and off.

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Reply Dale says: November 11, at pm You living legend. In moving my the two wireless chargers for the G2 and phone I had swapped the chargers around. Changed them back and problem solved. Appreciate your sharing this with the world. Reply Sean says: December 15, at am Swapping back the original cable that works with the original charger works for me. When I moved from one place to another place, the cables got accidentally mixed up. I also tried everything except this, first with my new Samsung charger, but without daydream, than with my old Samsung charger with daydream, still nothing.

Then after reading this comment, I plugged my new charger with daydream and it worked. BobReply Jim says: February 24, at am Boot into recovery mode and clear the cache partition it will go away till the issue that causes this to occur happens again but it will stop for a whileReply Geri Lopker says: December 1, at pm HI, Bob, I appreciate your suggestion to check the actual plug fast charge 5v 2A AND the cord. Set it up sideways and centered, and voila, it is working perfectly. If you do want to use a longer cable for convenience, a lower resistance one should work.

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Thicker cables have lower resistance and higher power delivery. Reply Wayne says: April 19, at am Thanks BobI ordered a wireless charger which was delivered this morning and have the same problem with the charging pausing. My USB cable feels damaged close to the connector a few strands of the wires may be broken but still works when charging my S6 Edge non-wirelessly.

The cable is thick, so I am sure its resistance is lower.

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