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What is 5G? Everything you need to know about the new wireless revolution. It's a capital improvement project the size of the entire planet, replacing one wireless architecture created this century with another one that aims to lower energy consumption and maintenance costs. Not only do we have no idea of when, and only vaguely know where, we don't know how much it's going to cost. Also: Almost half of US consumers will have access to 5G by Motorola and Verizon used the Z3, complete with its 5G upgradeability, as a means to be first to announce a device with 5G anything related to it.

In that regard, the Z3 is a success. As I already mentioned, don't let yourself get caught up in the 5G craze and buy this phone in anticipation of its eventual rollout. This phone was used as a marketing tactic to start the 5G discussion and Verizon at the same time. Also: 5G mobile networks: A cheat sheet. The Z3 is a solid choice for someone who is a Verizon Wireless customer who wants an affordable and reliable Android device, with the option to add more functionality through Moto Mods. Outside of that narrow scope, the Moto Z3 is impressively mundane.

Moto X4 Review: An affordable rock solid phone.

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  5. My Profile Log Out. Join Discussion. The phone is Splash-resistant p2i. The phone includes the operating system OS Android Oreo 8. It can now [ when? The Moto Z features an accessory system known as "Moto Mods".

    Moto Z3 Play 24 Hour Review - Dual Cameras - Fingerprint Scanner Location - Slim Design

    Mods are case-like accessories that are attached to the rear of the Moto Z via a series of magnets. Using the pogo pin connectors, Mods can communicate with the device to provide additional functionality. Mods are hot swappable , and are automatically detected by the operating system software once installed. However, there are reports that indicated Motorola's diminished interest in its MotoMods modular concept, which was initially expected to give the flagship Motorola phones edge in a highly competitive Android market. This is attributed to a recent move on the part of the company to scale back on its partnership with third-party MotoMod makers.

    TechRadar noted the phone's "stylish design" and primarily its 5G up-gradable feature. On the contrary, it noted that the "Snapdragon chip is outdated".

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    The promise of 5G connectivity may be more exciting than the specs of the phone itself. However, it will only work in the areas where Verizon will launch residential broadband service later this year, which so far means Houston, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and one more city that has yet to be named. The Moto Z3 includes similar features to other phones in the Z series, including all-day battery life with a fast charging option, dual MP, depth-sensing smart cameras that work with Google Lens, and a nearly borderless 6" Super AMOLED display, according to the release.

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